Do you want to awaken to yourself and become more conscious of the life you are creating? Are you looking to transform emotional patterns getting in the way of you living with ease? Want to get in touch with your authentic self, increase your self-awareness, and connect to a deeper sense of connection with Source?

Combining the latest developments in science and spirituality, I can help you work through difficult relationships, physical ailments, and emotional stress. I can be a resource for you to overcome limiting beliefs, fear, anger, and judgment getting in the way of you being your true self. I can guide you in consciously creating your life and awakening to your Higher Self.

My clients have seen transformational results after just one session, with their life unfolding in a new and positive way. How? Through the quantum energy field of beliefs that affects our entire reality. I work with you to build understanding about the past, create new empowering belief systems, foster self-awareness, and develop a connection with Source energy.

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(Reduced rates available for Peruvian residents and those who write to me about their limited financial means and intentions for the session.)

Individual Sessions

$126 – Energy Reading with questions channeled and answered, 30-60 min

$243 – Spiritual Advising and Mentorship for New Earth Leaders and Organizations, including channeled energy reading, 60-90 min

$369 Divine Purpose Activation, including channeled energy reading, can last 2-3 hours

$432 Quantum Healing and Past Life Regression, including channeled energy reading, can last 2-3 hours

Package Sessions

$1251 Fine Tuning: 4 sessions of any kind with expiration date of 4 months

$2354 Fast Track to Awakening: 8 sessions of any kind with expiration date of 8 months

$3159 Mentorship: 12 sessions of any kind with expiration date of 12 months

All services are offered by phone over wifi, so location should not be an obstacle. To decide which service or package is right for you, schedule a free call with Ashley here.


Come to Peru! 

Send me a message here if you are interested in coming to the Sacred Valley of Peru (where I am located) for a full immersion experience to heal, awaken, and discover your Reason for Being!


Description of Healing Services Offered During Sessions:

Quantum Healing (can include Past Life Regression)
Would you like to rewrite unconscious emotional patterns that continue to appear in your life? Do you want to get back to your base code so you can fulfill your purpose in life? This session is similar to regression and inner child work, and can take just one session to notice change as compared to years of traditional therapy. This process can heal anxiety, anger, judgment, lack of motivation, lack of confidence, panic attacks, stomach aches, and more. This is a process I created and use that can lead to miraculous results! Learn more here

Divine Purpose Activation
Do you know why you are here? What your Soul’s purpose is? I have an algorithm within me that can help you activate your Divine Blueprint so you can start living the life you were destined for! This session is partly by phone with healing and energy readings, partly off the phone with me doing energy work on you and receiving messages to deliver to you again by phone so you can get started living your New Life!

Spiritual Advising
Are you feeling disempowered, unmotivated, depressed, or anxious? You may be having a spiritual crisis and you can use this period in your life as prime material for awakening to who you really are! Our Soul speaks to us in a different language, and once you tap into that inner knowing, your life can change in magical ways! Even if you’re not conscious of it, our relationship to Source is paramount, so I will help you shine a light to illuminate your true Purpose and reason for Being.

Mentorship for New Earth Leaders and Organizations

This service is ideal for leaders who wish to come into their Purpose and Power in a New, Heart-based, Enlightened Way. In this session, I include energy readings and channeling to give you the messages your Higher Self wants you to hear. I help you understand how our spiritual simulation works and how you can use this knowledge of reality to guide you in your life. I also receive guidance about where there are opportunities for healing so you can move forward in life in a fearless, more loving and empowered way.

Energy Reading
Are you searching for guidance around emotional, health, professional, relationship, or spiritual issues? Would you like to see what healing would be most beneficial for your growth and development? Do you want another perspective to use as an oracle for your own intuition and inner knowing? During an energy reading, I receive channeled messages for you from your Higher Self, navigating the information stored in each of your chakras and addressing any questions you have.

Other methodologies used during sessions:
Inner child work, family constellations, internal family systems, ThetaHealing®, quantum manifestation process, belief and fear digging work, fostering relationship with Source, developing intuition and one’s own Knowing, new narrative formation, Divine Plan, among others!

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“For 20 years, I bounced around thinking whatever I was doing wasn’t good enough – that I wasn’t good enough. My strengths were worthless and my weaknesses were glaring. Everyone was better at everything.

2 hours with Ashley and I’m now at the beginning of the rest of my life. The results were transformative and immediate. She didn’t give me some new-age way of thinking that I would have to practice over time. It was pure self awareness, an honest revelation of who I’d always been. Armed with that, nothing can touch me. I know who I am and everything else is just nonsense and noise. The clarity, acceptance, and confidence gained were immediate, and my life hasn’t been the same since.

Thank you, Ashley.” – MIT entrepreneur


“It is amazing how the universe functions! I had no idea before I met you. Thank you for helping me to speak to the universe and teaching me how to listen! There are a lot of people who miss too much by not knowing you.”

“I met with Ashley when I was dealing with severe anxiety. Believing in the idea that everything happens for a reason, I embraced this encounter with hope. I wanted to believe that Ashley was going to help me and she did, but not in the way that I was expecting. She wasn’t a wizard that would solve my problems magically..she was much better than that. She helped me realize that I was in charge, that I could control how I react to things and I could change my narrative by taking responsibility. Thanks to Ashley, I am now aware of that things may not go according to my plan but they go according to THE plan. I now know that the universe has my back.” -Meral


“Ashley is a wonderful healer and spiritual guide. Her energy, passion and healing techniques are very powerful and unique that it can transform a life in one session. Some of her work may include transcending past/current pain and suffering or to overcome any barrier that may prevent one from reaching his or her goal. A few months ago, I was going through a very difficult time. I was unmotivated and depressed; however, Ashley’s healing and spiritual guidance helped me to be inspired again and to succeed in my classes. In addition, I was able to regain my power and energy. Her healing and spiritual guidance are incomparable and can change lives instantly. From her, I learned that healing lies within us, the importance of the Divine Source and the power of the present moment. Thank you so much my friend. I love you!” – Sane Haidara


“Whenever I start feeling frayed by my anxiety or greatly deflated by my depression, Ashley has been my life mentor. She can see me for who I am, and she will help me identify my most important priorities and feelings in a kind way. She made my 2017 spiritually transformational, and that was unexpected. As I founded my new business, graduated, moved to a new place and dared to live the most courageous life I have. She reminds us all of the importance of the matters of the heart and universe, and she helps unlock others to be true to our destiny.” -Linda Cheung, Founder of Before It’s Too Late


“Dear Ashley, this was so, so beautiful and powerful… I feel very lucky to have met you and gone through this session with you. I had some preconceptions in my head of where I would find the answer but this was so not what I expected and yet so shockingly right and effective. I am also surprised how it did not matter at all that we were on the phone.” – Ayse


“Ashley, you are an amazing kind hearted spirit! So passionate and skilled at your healing work! I am so glad to have met you in Massachusetts earlier last year, that work we did really helped me move past my childhood trauma and I have made so much progress on my path since then! I feel so much more comfortable in my own skin and more understanding and true to myself now. I just want to say thank you soo much and keep being great and holding that light for many more people to find! Much love!!!” – Jonathan Menter


“Ashley, thank you so much for today. It was really powerful. You have an incredible gift… I felt so much love and support in the room from you and other spirits. I feel that I went much deeper than I could have imagined. My gratitude really goes beyond words – thank you thank you thank you. I will most definitely be recommending you.” – Tauri


“Ashley’s approach is very unique and unlike anything I’ve ever experienced in terms of a healing process. The best way I can describe it is having a professional tour of your own memories. While that may sound simple, it really takes the right perspectives, thoughts, and guidance that Ashley brings to the table to unlock all the details needed for a full awareness of yourself.

In my session with her, she was able to help me identify some of the primary causes of certain aspects of my personality. My goal for the session was to identify some issues that are hindering me from becoming better at expressing myself under high-pressure situations, and that goal was accomplished with just one session.

Ashley is an intuitive and compassionate facilitator. I would recommend her processes for anyone looking to experience inner healing and greater self-compassion.” – MIT entrepreneur


“Working with Ashley was an amazing experience! She helped me dive deep into my feelings and developed my self awareness. Her support was essential to help me have clarity in what was my next development goal, what are my shadow behaviors and how I can uncover my heart and tap into my inner truth and intuition! Besides that she became a friend and a person that I trust and love so much! Being around her gives me energy, helps me to be grounded, and to be connected with my true self and my power!” -Lais Fonseca, Founder of MedPrev and Success Lab


“My sessions with Ashley were very introspective and therapeutic. She guided me through some visualization techniques that I had never done before and they really helped me get some clarity. They left me feeling more confident approaching difficult situations and also reminded me to be true to myself about what I want for my future career. She really had a positive impact on my life and I’m so grateful to have met her.” – Anna Pham, MIT Entrepreneur


“Ashley’s coaching improved team dynamics, decision making, and confidence levels of the individuals she worked with. Her visualization process makes lasting change and the students reported great results. This is definitely a program I would recommend to others interested in helping entrepreneurs excel.” -Trish Cotter, Executive Director of the MIT Martin Trust Center for Entrepreneurship


“Ashley’s method exceeded my expectations. It was effective because I felt capable of confronting directly my fears, through a spirit guide. Ashley also stressed the importance of visualization. I have been constantly using visualization since.”


“Had no idea what to expect. Certainly nothing that transformative…better results than I ever would have thought possible.”


“Wow, I love it and I love you Ashley, I felt you, it’s so energising and a wonderful sensation, mesmerizing effect on my inner self, remarkable! You are gifted, may the Divine make you do wonders with your gift…Your readings are very authentic and genuine to the truth, you diagnose it very accurately. I felt the awakening inside my inner self, I am soo grateful for this wonderful Sensational gift you’ve given me, I can’t express any words, I can’t define what I want to short ” I love you!” And my heart respects you.”

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About Ashley

The only way I’m able to help you is because I have gone through this work myself. I know what it feels like to be disconnected, depressed, angry, annoyed, judgmental, unmotivated, bored, insecure, confused, and shy. I know what it’s like to live with limiting beliefs and toxic patterns that hold you back from living with ease, joy, and prosperity. I know what it’s like to be in the depths of despair, facing your darkness without an end in sight.

As part of my healing, I spent years researching science and spirituality, going on silent meditation retreats, seeking out numerous healers and healing modalities from various traditions, learning Reiki and ThetaHealing, and attending transformation workshops. While a graduate student at Harvard and MIT, I went beyond my required courses and studied human nature, institutions, consciousness, quantum physics, systems thinking, artificial intelligence, and the psychology and neuroscience of emotions.

Through a winding labyrinth of a journey, I began to awaken the deepest parts of myself. Along the way, I discovered specific techniques and tools that are efficient and effective, backed by neuroscience, delve into the metaphysics of relationships, and breach the realms of consciousness. As I healed myself, I began to heal others, and along the way developed a process that has impacted people’s lives in profoundly positive ways.

I have carried out this process with MIT entrepreneurs in the deltav program, with disadvantaged women at the Cambridge Women’s Center, with men, women, people in their 20s, people in their 50s, black, white, rich, poor. It doesn’t matter the label or identity because it’s the soul inside yearning to be free that matters.

I am now grateful to be able to use these modalities to help others heal and awaken so that we can all live fulfilling, peaceful, and connected lives. I want to help you unpack the layers to let your true, authentic expression shine through.

To schedule a session or for more information, please contact me at

~Ashley Heacock

Professional Bio here on LinkedIn

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Want to schedule an appointment? Have a question? I look forward to hearing from you – please write to me below!