Mirrors, Mirrors Everywhere

To love and be loved. That’s all we really want.
But sometimes pain gets in the way.

Trauma erects barriers, cutting us off from our own life source.
We distrust one another, protect ourselves against the other.

We shield ourselves, guarding from the pain.
But all we do, is cause others the same.

This is the cycle. It’s really that simple.
All the hurt we cause each other is a reflection of our own.
Yet instead of seeing the mirrors in each other’s eyes.
We see separation. Difference. Evil. Lies.

With no attempt at communication. No gesture to understand.
We stay at surface level. No depth to the brand.
Stories we make up inside of our minds.
Villains becoming scarier with each and every line.

Yet the real fear is what is buried inside. For from that we cannot hide.
Facing our inner demons rather than casting them outside.
Naked in truth. Swallowing our pride.

No longer a victim. No one to blame.
We begin to heal the wounds that caused the shame.
Vulnerability in our emotions, sensations in our body.
Releasing the trauma, relieving us of the drama.

A paradigm shift. A de-escalation.
Reframing evil into pain, knowing that we’re all the same.
Anger as dressed-up fear. An elaborate mask to trick the eye.
No longer fooled, we greet it with love and a sigh.

Separation into unity. The sacredness of buffoonery.
The only way out is in. And the only way in is out.
Mirrors, mirrors everywhere.
Love for all, and all for love.

-by Ashley Heacock

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