Mantras for Living and Loving

Most of the mantras below came to me during meditation sessions and I have found them all to be useful at different points in my life. Here are two ways you can use mantras:

During Meditation: You can use one of these phrases when you meditate, repeating it over and over again, but also truly experiencing the effects of the words on your body, mind, and spirit. What do they feel like in your body? What emotions and feelings arise or retreat when you say these words? What doubts do you have about the phrase? Are those doubts real?

Rerouting Thoughts: If you continue to have unhelpful thoughts in your mind around a specific emotion, try using a mantra that contains the opposite force – a positive thought to redirect your mind. We are all prone to habits, automatic reactions, and reoccurring emotions. Sometimes we just need to take control of our mind and lead it where we want it to go. A mantra can be very useful to get us on the right track.

Here are some of the mantras I use, and feel free to use them as well!

“No stress, no worries, no fear.” (choose which words to keep/add/leave out depending on your personal situation – you could add “no doubt,” “no judgment,” etc.)

“No matter what I do or do not do, I love myself no matter what. I know who I am, and I am beautiful.”

“I choose to open these doors. I choose to be confident. I choose to say YES. I choose to expose my heart – to be truly authentic. I choose to live, to love, and to be.” 

“I have faith in myself and in the journey of life unfolding.”

“Each present moment is an invitation to begin anew.”

“May I be mindful, May I be wise, May I be compassionate, May I be kind.”

Create your own! Be open to mantras coming to you during meditation or throughout the day, feeding you what you need at that point in your life. When thinking of a mantra, keep this in mind:

What words of support and encouragement would you tell yourself if you were your best friend?

Too often we tear ourselves down instead of building ourselves up, which is never what we would do with our best friend. So try something different – be your own best friend, and see what happens!