Quantum Healing

Quantum Healing is a process developed to transform an emotional pattern by bringing conscious awareness and understanding to its origins, and subsequently fostering a new, healthier belief system about oneself and the world.

People with chronic panic attacks and stomach aches have been healed, anger and judgment have subsided, motivation and confidence have been restored, and anxiety and fear have dissipated. Sometimes opportunities even open up in their external life after this internal healing, such as getting a new job, becoming a new parent, or meeting new friends more in line with who they really are.

How does the process work? 

Whereas therapy stays in the mind, this process enters into the body, emotions, energies, memories, and subconscious. Through visualizations, we bring awareness to the root cause of the problem to rewrite the script of where the pattern was first generated in childhood and build understanding around the situation. We allow emotion and energy to be expressed in the body in its entirety from a state of calm, allowing for a new mind-body memory to be formed. We breathe deeply to embody our highest self to seek guidance on a new way forward and create a new belief about ourselves, shifting our entire energetic chemistry to a more positive state of being so that a new behavior can be consciously chosen. We also allow for understanding to take hold, freeing ourselves from past wounds, forgiving, and releasing the bonds of karma.

Quantum Healing is not about fixing who you are, but rather about removing a pattern to allow your true, authentic self to shine through. None of us are born with anxiety, anger, or shame. They are taught to us through our parents, culture, or other caretakers in ways they and we are not even aware of. Adults carry their own pain and patterns from their childhood, which are then passed down to their children, becoming automatic, unconscious reactions to triggering events. Fortunately, with greater scientific understanding of the mind-body connection, we now have tools to allow us to break free of this generational cycle. This process uses techniques I found transformative in my own personal healing, including Jungian psychology and shadow work, the Hoffman Process, Internal Family Systems and Family Constellations, neuroscience research, energetic modalities, and spirituality.

What is the process like? 

While this process can be transformative, it is also gentle. You have full control over it, and can always ask questions, redirect it in anyway, or stop the process completely. The session lasts around two hours, during which you have your eyes closed for most of the session as we are in the imaginal realm of consciousness in a slight hypnotic state. We begin with the present-day pattern, traverse to the past, which is where most of the session takes place, and then back again to the present day to establish a new way of being. The process can be done in-person, by phone, or Skype anywhere in the world.

How to know if this process is right for you?

Consider if you have patterns that keep reappearing in your relationships, work, or at home that you’d like to change but you haven’t been able to. Can you think of any emotional patterns that get in the way of you living a life of love and ease, and that hurt yourself or others? Are there moments where you can’t focus, are angry, frustrated, anxious, judgmental of others, self-critical, feel like you can’t speak your voice, or are filled with self-doubt? Then this process may be your opportunity to transform what’s been holding you back for 20 years in just one 2-hour session!

To schedule a free phone consultation to see if this process is right for you please email ashleyheacock@gmail.com  and to hear what others have to say you can read through the testimonials here.