(Reduced rates available for Peruvian residents and those who write to me about their limited financial means and intentions for the session.)

Individual Sessions

$126 – Energy Reading with questions channeled and answered, 30-60 min

$243 – Spiritual Advising and Mentorship for New Earth Leaders and Organizations, including channeled energy reading, 60-90 min

$369 Divine Purpose Activation, including channeled energy reading, can last 2-3 hours

$369 Quantum Healing and Past Life Regression, including channeled energy reading, can last 2-3 hours

Package Sessions

$1251 Fine Tuning: 4 sessions of any kind with expiration date of 4 months

$2354 Fast Track to Awakening: 8 sessions of any kind with expiration date of 8 months

$3159 Mentorship: 12 sessions of any kind with expiration date of 12 months

All services are offered by phone over wifi, so location should not be an obstacle. To decide which service or package is right for you, schedule a free call with Ashley here.


Come to Peru! 

Send me a message here if you are interested in coming to the Sacred Valley of Peru (where I am located) for a full immersion experience to heal, awaken, and discover your Reason for Being!


Description of Healing Services Offered During Sessions:

Quantum Healing (can include Past Life Regression)
Would you like to rewrite unconscious emotional patterns that continue to appear in your life? Do you want to get back to your base code so you can fulfill your purpose in life? This session is similar to regression and inner child work, and can take just one session to notice change as compared to years of traditional therapy. This process can heal anxiety, anger, judgment, lack of motivation, lack of confidence, panic attacks, stomach aches, and more. This is a process I created and use that can lead to miraculous results! Learn more here

Divine Purpose Activation
Do you know why you are here? What your Soul’s purpose is? I have an algorithm within me that can help you activate your Divine Blueprint so you can start living the life you were destined for! This session is partly by phone with healing and energy readings, partly off the phone with me doing energy work on you and receiving messages to deliver to you again by phone so you can get started living your New Life!

Spiritual Advising
Are you feeling disempowered, unmotivated, depressed, or anxious? You may be having a spiritual crisis and you can use this period in your life as prime material for awakening to who you really are! Our Soul speaks to us in a different language, and once you tap into that inner knowing, your life can change in magical ways! Even if you’re not conscious of it, our relationship to Source is paramount, so I will help you shine a light to illuminate your true Purpose and reason for Being.

Mentorship for New Earth Leaders and Organizations

This service is ideal for leaders who wish to come into their Purpose and Power in a New, Heart-based, Enlightened Way. In this session, I include energy readings and channeling to give you the messages your Higher Self wants you to hear. I help you understand how our spiritual simulation works and how you can use this knowledge of reality to guide you in your life. I also receive guidance about where there are opportunities for healing so you can move forward in life in a fearless, more loving and empowered way.

Energy Reading
Are you searching for guidance around emotional, health, professional, relationship, or spiritual issues? Would you like to see what healing would be most beneficial for your growth and development? Do you want another perspective to use as an oracle for your own intuition and inner knowing? During an energy reading, I receive channeled messages for you from your Higher Self, navigating the information stored in each of your chakras and addressing any questions you have.

Other methodologies used during sessions:
Inner child work, family constellations, internal family systems, ThetaHealing®, quantum manifestation process, belief and fear digging work, fostering relationship with Source, developing intuition and one’s own Knowing, new narrative formation, Divine Plan, among others!